40 CFR § 1068.215 - Exempting manufacturer-owned engines/equipment.

§ 1068.215 Exempting manufacturer-owned engines/equipment.

(a) You are eligible for this exemption for manufacturer-owned engines/equipment only if you are a certificate holder. Any engine for which you meet all applicable requirements under this section is exempt without request.

(b) Engines/equipment may be exempt without a request if they are nonconforming engines/equipment under your ownership, possession, and control and you do not operate them for purposes other than to develop products, assess production methods, or promote your engines/equipment in the marketplace, or other purposes we approve. You may not loan, lease, sell, or use the engine/equipment to generate revenue, either by itself or for an engine installed in a piece of equipment, except as allowed by § 1068.201(i). Note that this paragraph (b) does not prevent the sale or shipment of a partially complete engine to a secondary engine manufacturer that will meet the requirements of this paragraph (b). See § 1068.262 for provisions related to shipping partially complete engines to secondary engine manufacturers.

(c) To use this exemption, you must do three things:

(1) Establish, maintain, and keep adequately organized and indexed information on all exempted engines/equipment, including the engine/equipment identification number, the use of the engine/equipment on exempt status, and the final disposition of any engine/equipment removed from exempt status.

(2) Let us access these records, as described in § 1068.20.

(3) Add a permanent label to all engines/equipment exempted under this section, consistent with § 1068.45, with at least the following items:


(ii) Your corporate name and trademark.

(iii) Family identification and model year of the engine/equipment (as applicable), or whom to contact for further information.

(iv) The statement: “THIS [engine, equipment, vehicle, etc.] IS EXEMPT UNDER 40 CFR 1068.210 OR 1068.215 FROM EMISSION STANDARDS AND RELATED REQUIREMENTS.”

[73 FR 59344, Oct. 8, 2008, as amended at 75 FR 23062, Apr. 30, 2010; 81 FR 74226, Oct. 25, 2016]