40 CFR § 1090.1345 - Retaining samples.

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§ 1090.1345 Retaining samples.

(a) Retain samples as follows:

(1) A fuel manufacturer, regulated blendstock producer, or independent surveyor must keep representative samples of gasoline, diesel fuel, or oxygenate that is subject to certification testing requirements under this subpart for at least 30 days after testing is complete, except that a longer sample retention of 90 days applies for a blending manufacturer that produces gasoline.

(2) A certified pentane producer must keep representative samples of certified pentane for at least 30 days after testing is complete.

(3) A blending manufacturer required to test blendstock under § 1090.1320(a)(2) must keep representative samples of the blendstock and the new batch of gasoline for at least 90 days after testing is complete.

(4) An oxygenate producer or importer must keep oxygenate samples as follows:

(i) Keep a representative sample of any tested oxygenate. Also keep a representative sample of DFE if you used the provisions of § 1090.1330 to calculate its sulfur content.

(ii) Keep all the samples you collect over the previous 21 days. If you have fewer than 20 samples from the previous 21 days, continue keeping the most recent 20 samples collected up to a maximum of 90 days for any given sample.

(5) The nominal volume of retained liquid samples must be at least 330 ml. If you have only a single sample for testing, keep that sample after testing is complete. If you collect multiple samples from a single batch or you create a hand blend, select a representative sample as follows:

(i) If you are required to test a hand blend under § 1090.1340, keep a sample of the BOB and a sample representative of the oxygenate used to prepare the hand blend.

(ii) For summer gasoline, keep an untested (or less tested) sample that is most like the tested sample, as applicable. In all other cases, keep the tested (or most tested) sample.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Keep records of all calculations, test results, and test methods for the batch associated with each stored sample.

(d) If EPA requests a test sample, you must follow EPA's instructions and send it to EPA by a courier service (or equivalent). The instructions will describe where and when to send the sample. For each test sample, you must identify the test results and test methods used.

(e) You are responsible for meeting the requirements of this section even if a third party performs testing and stores the fuel samples for you.