40 CFR § 130.5 - Continuing planning process.

§ 130.5 Continuing planning process.

(a) General. Each State shall establish and maintain a continuing planning process (CPP) as described under section 303(e)(3)(A)–(H) of the Act. Each State is responsible for managing its water quality program to implement the processes specified in the continuing planning process. EPA is responsible for periodically reviewing the adequacy of the State's CPP.

(b) Content. The State may determine the format of its CPP as long as the mininum requirements of the CWA and this regulation are met. The following processes must be described in each State CPP, and the State may include other processes at its discretion.

(1) The process for developing effluent limitations and schedules of compliance at least as stringent as those required by sections 301(b) (1) and (2), 306 and 307, and at least stringent as any requirements contained in applicable water quality standards in effect under authority of section 303 of the Act.

(2) The process for incorporating elements of any applicable areawide waste treatment plans under section 208, and applicable basin plans under section 209 of the Act.

(3) The process for developing total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) and individual water quality based effluent limitations for pollutants in accordance with section 303(d) of the Act and § 130.7(a) of this regulation.

(4) The process for updating and maintaining Water Quality Management (WQM) plans, including schedules for revision.

(5) The process for assuring adequate authority for intergovernmental cooperation in the implementation of the State WQM program.

(6) The process for establishing and assuring adequate implementation of new or revised water quality standards, including schedules of compliance, under section 303(c) of the Act.

(7) The process for assuring adequate controls over the disposition of all residual waste from any water treatment processing.

(8) The process for developing an inventory and ranking, in order of priority of needs for construction of waste treatment works required to meet the applicable requirements of sections 301 and 302 of the Act.

(9) The process for determining the priority of permit issuance.

(c) Regional Administrator review. The Regional Administrator shall review approved State CPPs from time to time to ensure that the planning processes are consistent with the Act and this regulation. The Regional Administrator shall not approve any permit program under Title IV of the Act for any State which does not have an approved continuing planning process.