40 CFR § 144.26 - Inventory requirements.

§ 144.26 Inventory requirements.

The owner or operator of an injection well which is authorized by rule under this subpart shall submit inventory information to the Director. Such an owner or operator is prohibited from injecting into the well upon failure to submit inventory information for the well within the time frame specified in paragraph (d) of this section.

(a) Contents. As part of the inventory, the Director shall require and the owner/operator shall provide at least the following information:

(1) Facility name and location;

(2) Name and address of legal contact;

(3) Ownership of facility;

(4) Nature and type of injection wells; and

(5) Operating status of injection wells.


This information is requested on national form “Inventory of Injection Wells,” OMB No. 158-R0170.

(b) Additional contents. For EPA administered programs only, the owner or operator of a well listed in paragraph (b)(1) of this section shall provide the information listed in paragraph (b)(2) of this section.

(1) This section applies to the following wells:

(i) Class II enhanced recovery wells;

(ii) Class IV wells;

(iii) The following Class V wells:

(A) Sand or other backfill wells [§ 146.5(e)(8)];

(B) Radioactive waste disposal wells that are not Class I wells (40 CFR 146.5 (e)(11))

(C) Geothermal energy recovery wells [§ 146.5(e)(12)];

(D) Brine return flow wells [§ 146.5(e)(14)];

(E) Wells used in experimental technologies [§ 146.5(e)(15)];

(F) Municipal and industrial disposal wells other than Class I; and

(G) Any other Class V wells at the discretion of the Regional Administrator.

(2) The owner or operator of a well listed in paragraph (b)(1) shall provide a listing of all wells owned or operated setting forth the following information for each well. (A single description of wells at a single facility with substantially the same characteristics is acceptable).

(i) For Class II only, the field name(s);

(ii) Location of each well or project given by Township, Range, Section, and Quarter-Section, or by latitude and longitude to the nearest second, according to the conventional practice in the State;

(iii) Date of completion of each well;

(iv) Identification and depth of the formation(s) into which each well is injecting;

(v) Total depth of each well;

(vi) Casing and cementing record, tubing size, and depth of packer;

(vii) Nature of the injected fluids;

(viii) Average and maximum injection pressure at the wellhead;

(ix) Average and maximum injection rate; and

(x) Date of the last mechanical integrity test, if any.

(c) Notice. Upon approval of the UIC Program in a State, the Director shall notify owners or operators of injection wells of their duty to submit inventory information. The method of notification selected by the Director must assure that the owners or operators will be made aware of the inventory requirement.

(d) Deadlines.

(1) The owner or operator of an injection well shall submit inventory information no later than one year after the date of approval or effective date of the UIC program for the State. The Director need not require inventory information from any facility with interim status under RCRA.

(2) For EPA administered programs the information need not be submitted if a complete permit application is submitted within one year of the effective data of the UIC program. The owner or operator of Class IV well shall submit inventory information no later than 60 days after the effective date of the program.

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