40 CFR 146.1 - Applicability and scope.

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§ 146.1 Applicability and scope.

(a) This part sets forth technical criteria and standards for the Underground Injection Control Program. This part should be read in conjunction with 40 CFR parts 124, 144, and 145, which also apply to UIC programs. 40 CFR part 144 defines the regulatory framework of EPA administered permit programs. 40 CFR part 145 describes the elements of an approvable State program and procedures for EPA approval of State participation in the permit programs. 40 CFR part 124 describes the procedures the Agency will use for issuing permits under the covered programs. Certain of these procedures will also apply to State-administered programs as specified in 40 CFR part 145.

(b) Upon the approval, partial approval or promulgation of a State UIC program by the Administrator, any underground injection which is not authorized by the Director by rule or by permit is unlawful.

(Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act: 42 U.S.C. 6905, 6912, 6925, 6927, 6974)
[ 45 FR 42500, June 24, 1980, as amended at 48 FR 14293, Apr. 1, 1983]