40 CFR § 146.92 - Injection well plugging.

(a) Prior to the well plugging, the owner or operator must flush each Class VI injection well with a buffer fluid, determine bottomhole reservoir pressure, and perform a final external mechanical integrity test.

(b) Well plugging plan. The owner or operator of a Class VI well must prepare, maintain, and comply with a plan that is acceptable to the Director. The requirement to maintain and implement an approved plan is directly enforceable regardless of whether the requirement is a condition of the permit. The well plugging plan must be submitted as part of the permit application and must include the following information:

(1) Appropriate tests or measures for determining bottomhole reservoir pressure;

(2) Appropriate testing methods to ensure external mechanical integrity as specified in § 146.89;

(3) The type and number of plugs to be used;

(4) The placement of each plug, including the elevation of the top and bottom of each plug;

(5) The type, grade, and quantity of material to be used in plugging. The material must be compatible with the carbon dioxide stream; and

(6) The method of placement of the plugs.

(c) Notice of intent to plug. The owner or operator must notify the Director in writing pursuant to § 146.91(e), at least 60 days before plugging of a well. At this time, if any changes have been made to the original well plugging plan, the owner or operator must also provide the revised well plugging plan. The Director may allow for a shorter notice period. Any amendments to the injection well plugging plan must be approved by the Director, must be incorporated into the permit, and are subject to the permit modification requirements at § 144.39 or § 144.41 of this chapter, as appropriate.

(d) Plugging report. Within 60 days after plugging, the owner or operator must submit, pursuant to § 146.91(e), a plugging report to the Director. The report must be certified as accurate by the owner or operator and by the person who performed the plugging operation (if other than the owner or operator.) The owner or operator shall retain the well plugging report for 10 years following site closure.