40 CFR § 147.2903 - Prohibition of unauthorized injection.

§ 147.2903 Prohibition of unauthorized injection.

(a) Any underground injection, except as authorized by permit or rule issued under the UIC program, is prohibited. The construction or operation of any well required to have a permit is prohibited until the permit has been issued.

(b) No owner or operator shall construct, operate, maintain, convert, plug, or abandon any injection well, or conduct any other injection activity, in a manner that allows the movement of fluid containing any contaminant into underground sources of drinking water, if the presence of that contaminant may cause the violation of any primary drinking water regulation under 40 CFR part 142 or may otherwise adversely affect the health of persons. The applicant for a permit shall have the burden of showing that the requirements of this paragraph are met.

(c) Injection between the outermost casing protecting underground sources of drinking water and the well bore is prohibited.