40 CFR 147.3003 - Aquifer exemptions.

§ 147.3003 Aquifer exemptions.

(a)Aquifer exemptions in connection with Class II wells. In accordance with § 144.7(b) and § 146.4 of this chapter, the portions of authorized injection zones into which existing Class II wells are currently injecting which are described in appendix A are hereby exempted. The exempted aquifers are defined by a one-quarter mile radius from the existing injection well. The exemption includes the intended injection zone only and is solely for the purpose of Class II injection.

(b)Class III wells. In addition to the requirements of § 144.7(c)(1) of this chapter, an applicant for a uranium mining permit which necessitates an aquifer exemption shall submit a plugging and abandonment plan containing an aquifer cleanup plan, acceptable to the Director, describing the methods or techniques that will be used to meet the standards of § 147.3011. The cleanup plan shall include an analysis of pre-injection water quality for the constituents required by the Director. The Director shall consider the cleanup plan in addition to the other information required for permit applications under §§ 144.31(e) and 146.34 of this chapter.

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