40 CFR § 152.164 - Classification procedures.

§ 152.164 Classification procedures.

(a) Grouping of products for classification purposes. In its discretion, the Agency may identify a group of products having common characteristics or uses and may classify for restricted use same or all of the products or uses included in that group. Such a group may be comprised of, but is not limited to, products that:

(1) Contain the same active ingredients.

(2) Contain the same active ingredients in a particular concentration range, formulation type, or combination of concentration range and formulation type.

(3) Have uses in common.

(4) Have other characteristics, such as toxicity, flammability, or physical properties, in common.

(b) Classification reviews. The Agency may conduct classification reviews and classify products at any time, if it determines that a restriction on the use of a pesticide product is necessary to avoid unreasonable adverse effects on the environment. However, classification reviews normally will be conducted and products classified only in the following circumstances:

(1) As part of the review of an application for new registration of a product containing an active ingredient not contained in any currently registered product.

(2) As part of the review of an application for a new use of a product, if existing uses of that product previously have been classified for restricted use. Review of a restricted use product at this time is for the purpose of determining whether the new use should also be classified for restricted use. Normally the Agency will not conduct initial classification reviews for existing uses of individual products in conjunction with an application for amended registration.

(3) As part of the process of developing or amending a registration standard for a pesticide. The Agency normally will conduct classification reviews of all uses of a currently registered pesticide at this time.

(4) As part of any special review of a pesticide, in accordance with the procedures of 40 CFR part 154.

(c) Classification procedures.

(1) If the Agency determines that a product or one or more of its uses should be classified for restricted use, the Agency initially may classify the product by regulation. In this case, within 60 days after the effective date of a final rule, each registrant of a product subject to the rule must submit to the Agency one of the following, as directed in the final rule:

(i) A copy of the amended label and any supplemental labeling to be used as an interim compliance measure.

(ii) A statement, which the Agency considers a report under the Act, that the registrant will comply with the labeling requirements prescribed by the Agency within the timeframes prescribed by the regulation.

(iii) An application for amended registration to delete the uses which have been restricted, or to “split” the registration into two registrations, one including only restricted or all uses, and the other including only uses that have not been classified.

(2) Alternatively, EPA may notify the applicant or registrant of the classification decision and require that he submit the information required by paragraph (c)(1) of this section. The Agency may deny registration or initiate cancellation proceedings if the registrant fails to comply within the timeframes established by the Agency in its notification.

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