40 CFR § 156.60 - General.

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§ 156.60 General.

Each product label is required to bear hazard and precautionary statements for humans and domestic animals (if applicable) as prescribed in this subpart. Hazard statements describe the type of hazard that may occur, while precautionary statements will either direct or inform the user of actions to take to avoid the hazard or mitigate its effects.

(a) Location of statements -

(1) Front panel statements. The signal word, child hazard warning, and, in certain cases, the first aid statement are required to appear on the front panel of the label, and also in any supplemental labeling intended to accompany the product in distribution or sale.

(2) Statements elsewhere on label. Hazard and precautionary statements not required on the front panel may appear on other panels of the label, and may be required also in supplemental labeling. These include, but are not limited to, the human hazard and precautionary statements, domestic animal statements if applicable, a Note to Physician, and physical or chemical hazard statements.

(b) Placement and prominence -

(1) Front panel statements. All required front panel warning statements shall be grouped together on the label, and shall appear with sufficient prominence relative to other front panel text and graphic material to make them unlikely to be overlooked under customary conditions of purchase and use. The table below shows the minimum type size requirements for the front panel warning statements for various front panel sizes.

Type Sizes for Front Panel Warning Statements

Size of Label Front Panel (Square Inches) Point Size
Signal Word (All Capital Letters) Child Hazard Warning
5 and under 6 6
Over 5 to 10 10 6
Over 10 to 15 12 8
Over 15 to 30 14 10
Over 30 18 12

(2) Other required statements. All other hazard and precautionary statements must be at least 6 point type.

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