40 CFR § 172.5 - The permit.

§ 172.5 The permit.

(a) Issuance. The Experimental Use Permit shall be issued when the Administrator determines that the conditions of section 5 of the Act, and the regulations thereunder, have been met subject to such terms and conditions as the Administrator determines are warranted.

(b) Duration. Permits will be effective for a specified period of time, normally one year, depending upon the crop or site to be tested and the requirements of the testing program submitted. The applicant should propose a suitable duration of the permit commensurate with the program submitted. Permits and associated temporary tolerances may be renewed, extended, or amended upon request if circumstances warrant.

(c) Limitations. The quantity of a pesticide allowed by a permit may be less than requested if it is determined that the available information on efficacy, toxicity or other hazards, the need for data, or the adequacy of program supervision does not justify the quantity of the pesticide requested. Other limitations may also be placed in the permit if necessary for the protection of the public health and the environment.

(d) Additions. With respect to an experimental use pesticide containing any chemical or combination of chemicals not included in any previously registered pesticides, the Administrator may require that additional studies be conducted during the permit period to gather data to support the establishment of tolerances and/or registration. To the extent practicable, the applicant will be notified of any such requirements before or at the time an experimental use permit is issued.

(e) Maintenance of records. All producers of pesticides produced pursuant to an experimental use permit shall maintain records in accordance with part 169.