40 CFR § 179.20 - Notice of hearing.

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§ 179.20 Notice of hearing.

(a) If the Administrator determines under § 178.32 of this chapter that a hearing is justified on any issue, the Administrator will file with the hearing clerk and publish in the Federal Register a Notice of Hearing. The Notice of Hearing will set forth:

(1) The docket number for the hearing.

(2) Each order, regulation, or petition denial that is the subject of the hearing, and a statement specifying any part of any such regulation or order that has been stayed in the Administrator's discretion.

(3) The identity of each person whose request for a hearing has been granted, and of any other person whose petition under § 180.7 of this chapter occasioned the order that the hearing concerns.

(4) A statement of the issues of fact on which a hearing has been found to be justified.

(5) A statement of the objections whose resolution depends on the resolution of those issues of fact.

(6) A statement that the presiding officer will be designated by the Chief Administrative Law Judge.

(7) The time within which notices of participation should be filed under § 179.42.

(8) The date, time, and place of the preliminary conference, or a statement that the date, time, and place will be announced in a later notice, and the place of the hearing.

(9) The time within which parties must submit written information and views under § 179.83.

(10) Designations with respect to separation of functions published under § 179.24(b)(2).

(b) The statement of the issues of fact on which a hearing has been justified determines the scope of the hearing and the matters on which evidence may be introduced. The issues may be revised by the presiding officer. A party may obtain interlocutory review by the Administrator of a decision by the presiding officer to revise the issues to include an issue on which the Administrator has not granted a request for a hearing or to eliminate an issue on which a request for a hearing has been granted.

(c) A hearing is deemed to begin on the date of publication of the Notice of Hearing.

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