40 CFR § 191.15 - Individual protection requirements.

§ 191.15 Individual protection requirements.

(a) Disposal systems for waste and any associated radioactive material shall be designed to provide a reasonable expectation that, for 10,000 years after disposal, undisturbed performance of the disposal system shall not cause the annual committed effective dose, received through all potential pathways from the disposal system, to any member of the public in the accessible environment, to exceed 15 millirems (150 microsieverts).

(b) Annual committed effective doses shall be calculated in accordance with appendix B of this part.

(c) Compliance assessments need not provide complete assurance that the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section will be met. Because of the long time period involved and the nature of the processes and events of interest, there will inevitably be substantial uncertainties in projecting disposal system performance. Proof of the future performance of a disposal system is not to be had in the ordinary sense of the word in situations that deal with much shorter time frames. Instead, what is required is a reasonable expectation, on the basis of the record before the implementing agency, that compliance with paragraph (a) of this section will be achieved.

(d) Compliance with the provisions in this section does not negate the necessity to comply with any other applicable Federal regulations or requirements.

(e) The standards in this section shall be effective on January 19, 1994.

[58 FR 66414, Dec. 20, 1993]