40 CFR § 192.22 - Supplemental standards.

§ 192.22 Supplemental standards.

Federal agencies implementing subparts A and B may in lieu thereof proceed pursuant to this section with respect to generic or individual situations meeting the eligibility requirements of § 192.21.

(a) When one or more of the criteria of § 192.21(a) through (g) applies, the Secretary shall select and perform that alternative remedial action that comes as close to meeting the otherwise applicable standard under § 192.02(c)(3) as is reasonably achievable.

(b) When § 192.21(h) applies, remedial actions shall reduce other residual radioactivity to levels that are as low as is reasonably achievable and conform to the standards of subparts A and B to the maximum extent practicable.

(c) The implementing agencies may make general determinations concerning remedial actions under this section that will apply to all locations with specified characteristics, or they may make a determination for a specific location. When remedial actions are proposed under this section for a specific location, the Department of Energy shall inform any private owners and occupants of the affected location and solicit their comments. The Department of Energy shall provide any such comments to the other implementing agencies. The Department of Energy shall also periodically inform the Environmental Protection Agency of both general and individual determinations under the provisions of this section.

(d) When § 192.21(b), (f), or (g) apply, implementing agencies shall apply any remedial actions for the restoration of contamination of groundwater by residual radioactive materials that is required to assure, at a minimum, protection of human health and the environment. In addition, when § 192.21(g) applies, supplemental standards shall ensure that current and reasonably projected uses of the affected groundwater are preserved.

[48 FR 602, Jan. 5, 1983, as amended at 60 FR 2868, Jan. 11, 1995]