40 CFR § 204.57-5 - Reporting of test results.

§ 204.57-5 Reporting of test results.


(1) The manufacturer shall submit a copy of the test report for all testing conducted pursuant to § 204.57 at the conclusion of each twenty-four hour period during which testing is done.

(2) For each test conducted the manufacturer will provide the following information:

(i) Configuration and category identification, where applicable.

(ii) Year, make, assembly date, and model of compressor.

(iii) Compressor serial number.

(iv) Test results by serial numbers

(3) The first test report for each batch sample will contain a listing of all serial numbers in that batch.

(b) In the case where an EPA Enforcement Officer is present during testing required by this subpart, the written reports requested in paragraph (a) of this section may be given directly to the Enforcement Officer.

(c) Within five days after completion of testing of all compressors in a batch sample, the manufacturer shall submit to the Administrator a final report which will include the information required by the test request in the format as stipulated, in addition to the following:

(1) The name, location, and description of the manufacturer's noise test facilities which meet the specifications of § 204.54 and were utilized to conduct testing reported pursuant to this section; except, that a test facility that has been described in a previous submission under this subpart need not be described again but must be identified as such.

(2) A description of the random compressor selection method used, referencing any tables of random numbers that were used, and the name of the person in charge of the random number selection.

(3) The following information for each test conducted:

(i) The completed data sheet required by § 204.54 for all noise emission tests including, for each invalid test, the reason for invalidation.

(ii) A complete description of any modification, repair, preparation, maintenance, and/or testing which was performed on the test compressor and will not be performed on all other production compressors.

(iii) The reason for the replacement, where a replacement compressor was authorized by the Administrator, and, if any, the test results for replaced compressors.

(4) The following statement and endorsement:

This report is submitted pursuant to section 6 and section 13 of the Noise Control Act of 1972. All testing for which data is reported herein was conducted in strict conformance with applicable regulations under 40 CFR Part 204et seq. All the data reported herein are a true and accurate representation of such testing. All other information reported herein is, to the best of (company) knowledge true and accurate. I am aware of the penalties associated with violations of the Noise Control Act of 1972 and the regulations thereunder.

(authorized representative)

(d) All information required to be forwarded to the Administrator pursuant to this section shall be addressed to Director, Noise Enforcement Division (EN-387), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC 20460.

(Secs. 6 and 13, Noise Control Act, Pub. L. 92-574, 86 Stat. 1244 (42 U.S.C. 4912))
[41 FR 2172, Jan. 14, 1976, as amended at 42 FR 41635, Aug. 18, 1977; 43 FR 38705, Aug. 30, 1978]