40 CFR § 230.70 - Actions concerning the location of the discharge.

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§ 230.70 Actions concerning the location of the discharge.

The effects of the discharge can be minimized by the choice of the disposal site. Some of the ways to accomplish this are by:

(a) Locating and confining the discharge to minimize smothering of organisms;

(b) Designing the discharge to avoid a disruption of periodic water inundation patterns;

(c) Selecting a disposal site that has been used previously for dredged material discharge;

(d) Selecting a disposal site at which the substrate is composed of material similar to that being discharged, such as discharging sand on sand or mud on mud;

(e) Selecting the disposal site, the discharge point, and the method of discharge to minimize the extent of any plume;

(f) Designing the discharge of dredged or fill material to minimize or prevent the creation of standing bodies of water in areas of normally fluctuating water levels, and minimize or prevent the drainage of areas subject to such fluctuations.