40 CFR § 240.210-3 - Recommended procedures: Operations.

§ 240.210-3 Recommended procedures: Operations.

(a) The facility supervisor should be experienced in the operation of the type of facility designed or, in the case of an innovated design, be adequately trained by responsible personnel in the operation of the facility.

(b) Alternate and standby disposal and operating procedures should be established for implementation during emergencies, air pollution episodes, and shutdown periods.

(c) Upon completion of facility construction, provision should be made for instruction of the staff in proper operation and maintenance procedures.

(d) A routine maintenance schedule should be established and followed.

(e) As-built engineering drawings of the facility should be provided at the conclusion of construction of the facility. These should be updated to show modifications by the owner as changes are made and should be readily available. A schematic showing the relationships of the various subsystems should also be available.

(f) Key operational procedures should be prominently posted.

(g) Equipment manuals, catalogs, spare parts lists, and spare parts should be readily available at the facility.

(h) Training opportunities for facility operating personnel should be provided.

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