40 CFR § 25.2 - Scope.

§ 25.2 Scope.

(a) The activities under the three Acts which are covered by this part are:

(1) EPA rulemaking, except non-policy rulemaking (for example publication of funding allotments under statutory formulas); and State rulemaking under the Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act;

(2) EPA issuance and modification of permits, and enforcement of permits as delineated by § 25.9;

(3) Development by EPA of major informational materials, such as citizen guides or handbooks, which are expected to be used over several years and which are intended to be widely distributed to the public;

(4) Development by EPA of strategy and policy guidance memoranda when a Deputy Assistant Administrator determines it to be appropriate;

(5) Development and implementation of plans, programs, standards, construction, and other activities supported with EPA financial assistance (grants and cooperative agreements) to State, interstate, regional and local agencies (herein after referred to as “State, interstate, and substate agencies”);

(6) The process by which EPA makes a determination regarding approval of State administration of the Construction Grants program in lieu of Federal administration; and the administration of the Construction Grants Program by the State after EPA approval;

(7) The process by which EPA makes a determination regarding approval of State administration of the following programs in lieu of Federal administration: The State Hazardous Waste Program; the NPDES Permit Program; the Dredge and Fill Permit Program; and the Underground Injection Control Program;

(8) Other activities which the Assistant Administrator for Water and Waste Management, the Assistant Administrator for Enforcement, or any EPA Regional Administrator deems appropriate in view of the Agency's responsibility to involve the public in significant decisions.

(b) Activities which are not covered by this part, except as otherwise provided under (a)(8) or (c) of this section, are activities under parts 33 (Subagreements), 39 (Loan Guarantees for Construction of Treatment Works), 40 (Research and Development Grants), 45 (Training Grants and Manpower Forecasting) and 46 (Fellowships) of this chapter.

(c) Some programs covered by these regulations contain further provisions concerning public participation. These are found elsewhere in this chapter in provisions which apply to the program of interest. Regulations which govern the use and release of public information are set forth in part 2 of this chapter.

(d) Specific provisions of court orders which conflict with requirements of this part, such as court-established timetables, shall take precedence over the provisions in this part.

(e) Where the State undertakes functions in the construction grants program, the State shall be responsible for meeting these requirements for public participation, and any applicable public participation requirements found elsewhere in this chapter, to the same extent as EPA.

(f) Where the State undertakes functions in those programs specifically cited in § 25.2(a)(7), the State shall be responsible for meeting the requirements for public participation included in the applicable regulations governing those State programs. The requirements for public participation in State Hazardous Waste Programs, Dredge and Fill Permit programs, Underground Injection Control programs and NPDES permit programs are found in part 123 of this chapter. These regulations embody the substantive requirements of this part.

(g) These regulations apply to the activities of all agencies receiving EPA financial assistance which is awarded after [the effective date of final regulations], and to all other covered activities of EPA, State, interstate, and substate agencies which occur after that date. These regulations will apply to ongoing grants or other covered activities upon any significant change in the activity (for example, upon a significant proposed increase in project scope of a construction grant). Parts 105 (Public Participation in Water Pollution Control) and 249 (Public Participation in Solid Waste Management) will no longer appear in the Code of Federal Regulations; however, they will remain applicable, in uncodified form, to grants awarded prior to the effective date of this part and to all other ongoing activities.

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