40 CFR § 256.03 - State plan submission, adoption, and revision.

§ 256.03 State plan submission, adoption, and revision.

(a) To be considered for approval, the State plan shall be submitted to EPA within a reasonable time after final promulgation of these guidelines.

(b) Prior to submission to EPA, the plan shall be adopted by the State pursuant to State administrative procedures.

(c) The plan shall be developed in accord with public participation procedures required by Subpart G of this part.

(d) The plan shall contain procedures for revision. The State plan shall be revised by the State, after notice and public hearings, when the Administrator, by regulation, or the State determines, that:

(1) The State plan is not in compliance with the requirements of these guidelines;

(2) Information has become available which demonstrates the inadequacy of the plan; or

(3) Such revision is otherwise necessary.

(e) The State plan shall be reviewed by the State and, where necessary, revised and readopted not less frequently than every three years.

(f) States which are developing a complete State plan may submit the portion of the plan designed to satisfy the requirements of § 256.26 prior to submission of the complete plan.

[44 FR 45079, July 31, 1979, as amended at 46 FR 47051, Sept. 23, 1981]