40 CFR § 257.30 - Recordkeeping requirements.

§ 257.30 Recordkeeping requirements.

(a) The owner/operator of a non-municipal non-hazardous waste disposal unit must record and retain near the facility in an operating record or in an alternative location approved by the Director of an approved State the following information as it becomes available:

(1) Any location restriction demonstration required under §§ 257.7 through 257.12; and

(2) Any demonstration, certification, finding, monitoring, testing, or analytical data required in §§ 257.21 through 257.28.

(b) The owner/operator must notify the State Director when the documents from paragraph (a) of this section have been placed or added to the operating record, and all information contained in the operating record must be furnished upon request to the State Director or be made available at all reasonable times for inspection by the State Director.

(c) The Director of an approved State can set alternative schedules for recordkeeping and notification requirements as specified in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, except for the notification requirements in § 257.25(g)(1)(iii).

(d) The Director of an approved state program may receive electronic documents only if the state program includes the requirements of 40 CFR Part 3 - (Electronic reporting).

[44 FR 53460, Sept. 13, 1979, as amended at 70 FR 59888, Oct. 13, 2005]