40 CFR § 262.32 - Marking.

§ 262.32 Marking.

(a) Before transporting or offering hazardous waste for transportation off-site, a generator must mark each package of hazardous waste in accordance with the applicable Department of Transportation regulations on hazardous materials under 49 CFR part 172;

(b) Before transporting hazardous waste or offering hazardous waste for transportation off site, a generator must mark each container of 119 gallons or less used in such transportation with the following words and information in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR 172.304:

(1) HAZARDOUS WASTE—Federal Law Prohibits Improper Disposal. If found, contact the nearest police or public safety authority or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

(2) Generator's Name and Address ________.

(3) Generator's EPA Identification Number ________.

(4) Manifest Tracking Number ________.

(5) EPA Hazardous Waste Number(s) ________.

(c) A generator may use a nationally recognized electronic system, such as bar coding, to identify the EPA Hazardous Waste Number(s), as required by paragraph (b)(5) or paragraph (d).

(d) Lab packs that will be incinerated in compliance with § 268.42(c) are not required to be marked with EPA Hazardous Waste Number(s), except D004, D005, D006, D007, D008, D010, and D011, where applicable.

[45 FR 33142, May 19, 1980, as amended at 70 FR 10817, Mar. 4, 2005; 81 FR 85818, Nov. 28, 2016]