40 CFR § 264.310 - Closure and post-closure care.

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§ 264.310 Closure and post-closure care.

(a) At final closure of the landfill or upon closure of any cell, the owner or operator must cover the landfill or cell with a final cover designed and constructed to:

(1) Provide long-term minimization of migration of liquids through the closed landfill;

(2) Function with minimum maintenance;

(3) Promote drainage and minimize erosion or abrasion of the cover;

(4) Accommodate settling and subsidence so that the cover's integrity is maintained; and

(5) Have a permeability less than or equal to the permeability of any bottom liner system or natural subsoils present.

(b) After final closure, the owner or operator must comply with all post-closure requirements contained in §§ 264.117 through 264.120, including maintenance and monitoring throughout the post-closure care period (specified in the permit under § 264.117). The owner or operator must:

(1) Maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the final cover, including making repairs to the cap as necessary to correct the effects of settling, subsidence, erosion, or other events;

(2) Continue to operate the leachate collection and removal system until leachate is no longer detected;

(3) Maintain and monitor the leak detection system in accordance with §§ 264.301(c)(3)(iv) and (4) and 264.303(c), and comply with all other applicable leak detection system requirements of this part;

(4) Maintain and monitor the ground-water monitoring system and comply with all other applicable requirements of subpart F of this part;

(5) Prevent run-on and run-off from eroding or otherwise damaging the final cover; and

(6) Protect and maintain surveyed benchmarks used in complying with § 264.309.

[47 FR 32365, July 26, 1982, as amended at 50 FR 28748, July 15, 1985; 57 FR 3491, Jan. 29, 1992]