40 CFR § 265.1310 - Definitions applicable to this subpart.

§ 265.1310 Definitions applicable to this subpart.

The following definitions apply to this subpart:

Consumer price index means the consumer price index for all U.S. cities using the “U.S. city average” area, “all items” and “not seasonally adjusted” numbers calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Department of Labor.

CROMERR costs are the sub-category of operations and maintenance costs that are expended by EPA in implementing electronic signature, user registration, identity proofing, and copy of record solutions that meet EPA's electronic reporting regulations as set forth in the Cross Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) as codified at 40 CFR part 3.

Electronic manifest submissions means manifests that are initiated electronically using the electronic format supported by the e-Manifest system, and that are signed electronically and submitted electronically to the e-Manifest system by facility owners or operators to indicate the receipt or rejection of the wastes identified on the electronic manifest. Electronic manifest submissions include the hybrid or mixed paper/ electronic manifests authorized under § 262.24(c)(1) of this chapter.

EPA program costs mean the Agency's intramural and non-information technology extramural costs expended in the design, development and operations of the e-Manifest system, as well as in regulatory development activities supporting e-Manifest, in conducting its capital planning, project management, oversight and outreach activities related to e-Manifest, in conducting economic analyses supporting e-Manifest, and in establishing the System Advisory Board to advise EPA on the system. Depending on the date on which EPA program costs are incurred, these costs may be further classified as either system setup costs or operations and maintenance costs.

Help desk costs mean the costs incurred by EPA or its contractors to operate the e-Manifest Help Desk, which EPA will establish to provide e-Manifest system users with technical assistance and related support activities.

Indirect costs mean costs not captured as marginal costs, system setup costs, or operations and maintenance costs, but that are necessary to capture because of their enabling and supporting nature, and to ensure full cost recovery. Indirect costs include, but are not limited to, such cost items as physical overhead, maintenance, utilities, and rents on land, buildings, or equipment. Indirect costs also include the EPA costs incurred from the participation of EPA offices and upper management personnel outside of the lead program office responsible for implementing the e-Manifest program.

Manifest submission type means the type of manifest submitted to the e-Manifest system for processing, and includes electronic manifest submissions and paper manifest submissions.

Marginal labor costs mean the human labor costs incurred by staff operating the paper manifest processing center in conducting data key entry, QA, scanning, copying, and other manual or clerical functions necessary to process the data from paper manifest submissions into the e-Manifest system's data repository.

Operations and maintenance costs mean all system related costs incurred by EPA or its contractors after the activation of the e-Manifest system. Operations and maintenance costs include the costs of operating the electronic manifest information technology system and data repository, CROMERR costs, help desk costs, EPA program costs incurred after e-Manifest system activation, and the costs of operating the paper manifest processing center, other than the paper processing center's marginal labor costs.

Paper manifest submissions mean submissions to the paper processing center of the e-Manifest system by facility owners or operators, of the data from the designated facility copy of a paper manifest, EPA Form 8700-22, or a paper Continuation Sheet, EPA Form 8700-22A. Such submissions may be made by mailing the paper manifests or continuation sheets, by submitting image files from paper manifests or continuation sheets in accordance with § 265.1311(b), or by submitting both an image file and data file in accordance with the procedures of § 265.1311(c).

System setup costs mean all system related costs, intramural or extramural, incurred by EPA prior to the activation of the e-Manifest system. Components of system setup costs include the procurement costs from procuring the development and testing of the e-Manifest system, and the EPA program costs incurred prior to e-Manifest system activation.

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