40 CFR § 265.225 - Waste analysis and trial tests.

§ 265.225 Waste analysis and trial tests.

(a) In addition to the waste analyses required by § 265.13, whenever a surface impoundment is to be used to:

(1) Chemically treat a hazardous waste which is substantially different from waste previously treated in that impoundment; or

(2) Chemically treat hazardous waste with a substantially different process than any previously used in that impoundment; the owner or operator must, before treating the different waste or using the different process:

(i) Conduct waste analyses and trial treatment tests (e.g., bench scale or pilot plant scale tests); or

(ii) Obtain written, documented information on similar treatment of similar waste under similar operating conditions; to show that this treatment will comply with § 265.17(b).

[Comment: As required by § 265.13, the waste analysis plan must include analyses needed to comply with §§ 265.229 and 265.230. As required by § 265.73, the owner or operator must place the results from each waste analysis and trial test, or the documented information, in the operating record of the facility.]

(b) [Reserved]