40 CFR § 265.273 - Waste analysis.

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§ 265.273 Waste analysis.

In addition to the waste analyses required by § 265.13, before placing a hazardous waste in or on a land treatment facility, the owner or operator must:

(a) Determine the concentrations in the waste of any substances which equal or exceed the maximum concentrations contained in Table 1 of § 261.24 of this chapter that cause a waste to exhibit the Toxicity Characteristic;

(b) For any waste listed in part 261, subpart D, of this chapter, determine the concentrations of any substances which caused the waste to be listed as a hazardous waste; and

(c) If food chain crops are grown, determine the concentrations in the waste of each of the following constituents: arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury, unless the owner or operator has written, documented data that show that the constituent is not present.

[Comment: Part 261 of this chapter specifies the substances for which a waste is listed as a hazardous waste. As required by § 265.13, the waste analysis plan must include analyses needed to comply with §§ 265.281 and 265.282. As required by § 265.73, the owner or operator must place the results from each waste analysis, or the documented information, in the operating record of the facility.]
[45 FR 33232, May 19, 1980, as amended at 55 FR 11876, Mar. 29, 1990]