40 CFR § 266.20 - Applicability.

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§ 266.20 Applicability.

(a) The regulations of this subpart apply to recyclable materials that are applied to or placed on the land:

(1) Without mixing with any other substance(s); or

(2) After mixing or combination with any other substance(s). These materials will be referred to throughout this subpart as “materials used in a manner that constitutes disposal.”

(b) Products produced for the general public's use that are used in a manner that constitutes disposal and that contain recyclable materials are not presently subject to regulation if the recyclable materials have undergone a chemical reaction in the course of producing the products so as to become inseparable by physical means and if such products meet the applicable treatment standards in subpart D of part 268 (or applicable prohibition levels in § 268.32 of this chapter or RCRA section 3004(d), where no treatment standards have been established) for each recyclable material (i.e., hazardous waste) that they contain, and the recycler complies with § 268.7(b)(6) of this chapter.

(c) Anti-skid/deicing uses of slags, which are generated from high temperature metals recovery (HTMR) processing of hazardous waste K061, K062, and F006, in a manner constituting disposal are not covered by the exemption in paragraph (b) of this section and remain subject to regulation.

(d) Fertilizers that contain recyclable materials are not subject to regulation provided that:

(1) They are zinc fertilizers excluded from the definition of solid waste according to § 261.4(a)(21) of this chapter; or

(2) They meet the applicable treatment standards in subpart D of Part 268 of this chapter for each hazardous waste that they contain.

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