40 CFR § 270.16 - Specific part B information requirements for tank systems.

§ 270.16 Specific part B information requirements for tank systems.

Except as otherwise provided in § 264.190, owners and operators of facilities that use tanks to store or treat hazardous waste must provide the following additional information:

(a) A written assessment that is reviewed and certified by a qualified Professional Engineer as to the structural integrity and suitability for handling hazardous waste of each tank system, as required under §§ 264.191 and 264.192 of this chapter;

(b) Dimensions and capacity of each tank;

(c) Description of feed systems, safety cutoff, bypass systems, and pressure controls (e.g., vents);

(d) A diagram of piping, instrumentation, and process flow for each tank system;

(e) A description of materials and equipment used to provide external corrosion protection, as required under § 264.192(a)(3)(ii);

(f) For new tank systems, a detailed description of how the tank system(s) will be installed in compliance with § 264.192 (b), (c), (d), and (e);

(g) Detailed plans and description of how the secondary containment system for each tank system is or will be designed, constructed, and operated to meet the requirements of § 264.193 (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f);

(h) For tank systems for which a variance from the requirements of § 264.193 is sought (as provided by §§ 264.193(g)):

(1) Detailed plans and engineering and hydrogeologic reports, as appropriate, describing alternate design and operating practices that will, in conjunction with location aspects, prevent the migration of any hazardous waste or hazardous constituents into the ground water or surface water during the life of the facility, or

(2) A detailed assessment of the substantial present or potential hazards posed to human health or the environment should a release enter the environment.

(i) Description of controls and practices to prevent spills and overflows, as required under § 264.194(b); and

(j) For tank systems in which ignitable, reactive, or incompatible wastes are to be stored or treated, a description of how operating procedures and tank system and facility design will achieve compliance with the requirements of §§ 264.198 and 264.199.

(k) Information on air emission control equipment as required in § 270.27.

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