40 CFR § 279.31 - Used oil collection centers.

§ 279.31 Used oil collection centers.

(a) Applicability. This section applies to owners or operators of used oil collection centers. A used oil collection center is any site or facility that accepts/aggregates and stores used oil collected from used oil generators regulated under subpart C of this part who bring used oil to the collection center in shipments of no more than 55 gallons under the provisions of § 279.24(a). Used oil collection centers may also accept used oil from household do-it-yourselfers.

(b) Used oil collection center requirements. Owners or operators of all used oil collection centers must:

(1) Comply with the generator standards in subpart C of this part; and

(2) Be registered/licensed/permitted/recognized by a state/county/municipal government to manage used oil.

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