40 CFR § 281.40 - Requirements for compliance monitoring program and authority.

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§ 281.40 Requirements for compliance monitoring program and authority.

(a) Any authorized representative of the state engaged in compliance inspections, monitoring, or testing must have authority to obtain by request any information from an owner or operator with respect to the UST system(s) that is necessary to determine compliance with the UST regulations.

(b) Any authorized representative of the state must have authority to require an owner or operator to conduct monitoring or testing.

(c) Authorized representatives must have the authority to enter any site or premises subject to UST regulations or in which records relevant to the operation of the UST system(s) are kept, and to copy these records, obtain samples of regulated substances, and inspect or conduct the monitoring or testing of UST system(s).

(d) State programs must have procedures for receipt, evaluation, retention, and investigation of records and reports required of owners or operators and must provide for enforcement of failure to submit these records and reports.


(1) State programs must have inspection procedures to determine, independent of information supplied by regulated persons, compliance with program requirements, and must provide for enforcement of failure to comply with the program requirements. States must maintain a program for systematic inspections of facilities subject to UST regulations in a manner designed to determine compliance or non-compliance, to verify accuracy of information submitted by owners or operators of regulated USTs, and to verify adequacy of methods used by owners or operators in developing that information.

(2) When inspections are conducted, samples taken, or other information gathered, these procedures must be conducted in a manner (for example, using proper “chain of custody” procedures) that will produce evidence admissible in an enforcement proceeding, or in court.

(f) Public effort in reporting violations must be encouraged and states must make available information on reporting procedures. State programs must maintain a program for investigating information obtained from the public about suspected violations of UST program requirements.

(g) The state must maintain the data collected through inspections and evaluation of records in such a manner that the implementing agency can monitor over time the compliance status of the regulated community. Any compilation, index, or inventory of such facilities and activities shall be made available to EPA upon request.

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