40 CFR § 281.43 - Sharing of information.

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§ 281.43 Sharing of information.

(a) States with approved programs must furnish EPA, upon request, any information in state files obtained or used in the administration of the state program. This information includes:

(1) Any information submitted to the state under a claim of confidentiality. The state must submit that claim to EPA when providing such information. Any information obtained from a state and subject to a claim of confidentiality will be treated in accordance with federal regulations in 40 CFR part 2; and

(2) Any information that is submitted to the state without a claim of confidentiality. EPA may make this information available to the public without further notice.

(b) EPA must furnish to states with approved programs, upon request, any information in EPA files that the state needs to administer its approved state program. Such information includes:

(1) Any information that is submitted to EPA without a claim of confidentiality; and

(2) Any information submitted to EPA under a claim of confidentiality, subject to the conditions in 40 CFR part 2.

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