40 CFR § 281.61 - Procedures for withdrawal of approval of state programs.

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§ 281.61 Procedures for withdrawal of approval of state programs.

(a) The following procedures apply when a state with an approved program voluntarily transfers to EPA those program responsibilities required by federal law.

(1) The state must give EPA notice of the proposed transfer, and submit, at least 90 days before the transfer, a plan for the orderly transfer of all relevant program information necessary for EPA to administer the program.

(2) Within 30 days of receiving the state's transfer plan, EPA must evaluate the plan and identify any additional information needed by the federal government for program administration.

(3) At least 30 days before the transfer is to occur, EPA must publish notice of the transfer in the Federal Register and other mechanisms to attract state-wide attention.

(b) The following procedures apply when the Administrator considers withdrawing approval.

(1) When EPA begins proceedings to determine whether to withdraw approval of a state program (either on its own initiative or in response to a petition from an interested person), withdrawal proceedings will be conducted in accordance with procedures set out in 40 CFR 271.23(b) and (c), except for § 271.23(b)(8)(iii) to the extent that it deviates from requirements under § 281.60.

(2) If the state fails to take appropriate action within a reasonable time, not to exceed 120 days after notice from the Administrator that the state is not administering and enforcing its program in accordance with the requirements of this part, EPA will withdraw approval of the state's program.

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