40 CFR § 35.2350 - Subagreement enforcement.

§ 35.2350 Subagreement enforcement.

(a) Regional Administrator authority. At the grantee's request the Regional Administrator may provide technical and legal assistance in the administration and enforcement of any subagreement related to treatment works for which an EPA grant was made and to intervene in any civil action involving the enforcement of such subagreements, including subagreement disputes which are the subject of either arbitration or court action.

(b) Privity of subagreement. The Regional Administrator's technical or legal involvement in any subagreement dispute will not make EPA a party to any subagreement entered into by the grantee.

(c) Grantee responsibilities. The provision of technical or legal assistance under this section in no way releases the grantee from its obligations under § 35.2214, or affects EPA's right to take remedial action, including enforcement, against a grantee that fails to carry out those obligations.