40 CFR § 35.3105 - Definitions.

§ 35.3105 Definitions.

Words and terms that are not defined below and that are used in this rule shall have the same meaning they are given in 2 CFR part 200 Subpart A - Acronyms and Definitions and 40 CFR part 35, subpart I.

(a) Act. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act, more commonly known as the Clean Water Act (Pub. L. 92-500), as amended by the Water Quality Act of 1987 (Pub. L. 100-4). 33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq.

(b) Binding Commitment. A legal obligation by the State to a local recipient that defines the terms for assistance under the SRF.

(c) Capitalization Grant. The assistance agreement by which the EPA obligates and awards funds allotted to a State for purposes of capitalizing that State's revolving fund.

(d) Cash draw. The transfer of cash under a letter of credit (LOC) from the Federal Treasury into the State's SRF.

(e) Disbursement. The transfer of cash from an SRF to an assistance recipient.

(f) Equivalency projects. Those section 212 wastewater treatment projects constructed in whole or in part before October 1, 1994, with funds “directly made available by” the capitalization grant. These projects must comply with the requirements of section 602(b)(6) of the Act.

(g) Funds “directly made available by” capitalization grants. Funds equaling the amount of the grant.

(h) Payment. An action by the EPA to increase the amount of capitalization grant funds available for cash draw from an LOC.

(i) SRF. State water pollution control revolving fund.

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