40 CFR § 35.3560 - General payment and cash draw rules.

§ 35.3560 General payment and cash draw rules.

(a) Payment schedule. A State will receive each capitalization grant payment in the form of an increase to the ceiling of funds available through the ACH, made in accordance with a payment schedule negotiated between EPA and the State. A payment schedule that is based on a State's projection of binding commitments and use of set-aside funds as stated in the IUP must be included in the capitalization grant agreement. Changes to the payment schedule must be made through an amendment to the grant agreement.

(b) Timing of payments. All payments to a State will be made by the earlier of 8 quarters after the capitalization grant is awarded or 12 quarters after funds are allotted to a State.

(c) Funds available for cash draw. Cash draws will be available only up to the amount of payments that have been made to a State.

(d) Estimated cash draw schedule. On a schedule negotiated with EPA, a State must provide EPA with a quarterly schedule of estimated cash draws for the Federal fiscal year. The State must notify EPA when significant changes from the estimated cash draw schedule are anticipated. This schedule must be developed to conform with the procedures applicable to cash draws and must have sufficient detail to allow EPA and the State to jointly develop and maintain a forecast of cash draws.

(e) Cash draw for set-asides. A State may draw cash through the ACH for the full amount of costs incurred for set-aside expenditures based on EPA approved workplans. A State may draw cash in advance to ensure funds are available to meet State payroll expenses. However, cash should be drawn no sooner than necessary to meet immediate payroll disbursement needs.

(f) Cash draw for Fund. A State may draw cash through the ACH for the proportionate Federal share of eligible incurred project costs. A State need not have disbursed funds for incurred project costs prior to drawing cash. A State may not draw cash for a particular project until the State has executed a loan agreement for that project.

(g) Calculation of proportionate Federal share -

(1) General. The proportionate Federal share is equal to the Federal monies intended for the Fund (capitalization grant minus set-asides) divided by the total amount of monies intended for the Fund (capitalization grant minus set-asides plus required State match). A State may calculate the proportionate Federal share on a rolling average basis or on a grant by grant basis.

(2) State overmatch.

(i) The proportionate Federal share does not change if a State is providing funds in excess of the required State match.

(ii) Federal monies may be drawn at a rate that is greater than that determined by the proportionate Federal share calculation when a State is given credit toward its match amount as a result of funding projects in prior years (but after July 1, 1993), or for crediting excess match in the Fund in prior years and disbursing these amounts prior to drawing cash. If the entire amount of a State's required match has been disbursed in advance, the proportionate Federal share of cash draws would be 100 percent.