40 CFR § 35.9015 - Summary of annual process.

§ 35.9015 Summary of annual process.

(a) EPA considers various factors to allocate among the Management Conferences the funds requested in the President's budget for the NEP. Each year, the Director of the Office of Marine and Estuarine Protection issues budgetary targets for the NEP for each Management Conference. These targets are based upon negotiated Five-Year State/EPA Conference Agreements.

(b) Using the budgetary targets provided by EPA, each Management Conference develops Annual Work Plans describing the work to be completed during the year and identifies individual projects to be funded for the completion of such work. Each applicant having a scope of work approved by the Management Conference completes a standard EPA application, including a proposed work program. After the applicant submits an application, the Regional Administrator reviews it and, if it meets applicable requirements, approves the application and agrees to make an award when funds are available. The Regional Administrator awards assistance from funds appropriated by Congress for that purpose.

(c) The recipient conducts activities according to the approved application and assistance award. The Regional Administrator evaluates recipient performance to ensure compliance with all conditions of the assistance award.

(d) The Regional Administrator may use funds not awarded to an applicant to supplement awards to other recipients who submit a score of work approved by the management conference for NEP funds.

(e) The EPA Assistant Administrator for Water may approve National Program awards as provided in § 35.9070.