40 CFR § 35.9065 - Limitations.

§ 35.9065 Limitations.

(a) Management conferences. The Regional Administrator will not award funds pursuant to CWA section 320(g) to any applicant unless and until the scope of work and overall budget have been approved by the Management Conference of the estuary for which the work is proposed.

(b) Elements of annual workplans. Annual Work Plans to be prepared by estuary Management Conferences must be reviewed by the Regional Administrator before final ratification by the Management Conference and must include the following elements:

(1) Introduction. A discussion of achievements in the estuary, a summary of activities undertaken in the past year to further each of the seven purposes of a Management Conference specified in section 320(b) of the CWA, the major emphases for activity in the upcoming year, and a schedule of milestones to be reached during the year.

(2) Funding sources. A table of fund sources for activities in the new year, including a description of the sources and types (e.g., in-kind contributions to be performed by the applicant) of funds comprising the contribution by applicants or third parties, and the source and type of any other non-Federal funds or contributions.

(3) Projects. A description of each project to be undertaken, a summary table of project status listing all activities, the responsible organization or individual, the products expected from each project, approximate schedules, budgets, and the source and type of the non-Federal 25 percent minimum cost share of the aggregate costs of research, surveys, studies, modeling, and other technical work necessary for the development of a comprehensive conservation and management plan for an estuary.

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