40 CFR § 410.11 - Specialized definitions.

§ 410.11 Specialized definitions.

In addition to the definitions set forth in 40 CFR part 401 and § 410.01 of this part, the following definitions apply to this subpart:

(a) The term wool shall mean the dry raw wool as it is received by the wool scouring mill.

(b) The term oil and grease shall mean total recoverable oil and grease as measured by the procedure listed in 40 CFR part 136.

(c) The term commission scouring shall mean the scouring of wool, 50 percent or more of which is owned by others, in mills that are 51 percent or more independent (i.e., only a minority ownership by company(ies) with greige or integrated operations); the mills must process 20 percent or more of their commissioned production through batch, noncontinuous processing operations.

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