40 CFR § 51.214 - Continuous emission monitoring.

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§ 51.214 Continuous emission monitoring.

(a) The plan must contain legally enforceable procedures to -

(1) Require stationary sources subject to emission standards as part of an applicable plan to install, calibrate, maintain, and operate equipment for continuously monitoring and recording emissions; and

(2) Provide other information as specified in appendix P of this part.

(b) The procedures must -

(1) Identify the types of sources, by source category and capacity, that must install the equipment; and

(2) Identify for each source category the pollutants which must be monitored.

(c) The procedures must, as a minimum, require the types of sources set forth in appendix P of this part to meet the applicable requirements set forth therein.


(1) The procedures must contain provisions that require the owner or operator of each source subject to continuous emission monitoring and recording requirements to maintain a file of all pertinent information for at least two years following the date of collection of that information.

(2) The information must include emission measurements, continuous monitoring system performance testing measurements, performance evaluations, calibration checks, and adjustments and maintenance performed on such monitoring systems and other reports and records required by appendix P of this part.

(e) The procedures must require the source owner or operator to submit information relating to emissions and operation of the emission monitors to the State to the extent described in appendix P at least as frequently as described therein.


(1) The procedures must provide that sources subject to the requirements of paragraph (c) of this section must have installed all necessary equipment and shall have begun monitoring and recording within 18 months after either -

(i) The approval of a State plan requiring monitoring for that source; or

(ii) Promulgation by the Agency of monitoring requirements for that source.

(2) The State may grant reasonable extensions of this period to sources that -

(i) Have made good faith efforts to purchases, install, and begin the monitoring and recording of emission data; and

(ii) Have been unable to complete the installation within the period.