40 CFR § 51.372 - State Implementation Plan submissions.

§ 51.372 State Implementation Plan submissions.

(a) SIP submittals. The SIP shall address each of the elements covered in this subpart, including, but not limited to:

(1) A schedule of implementation of the program including interim milestones leading to mandatory testing. The milestones shall include, at a minimum:

(i) Passage of enabling statutory or other legal authority;

(ii) Proposal of draft regulations and promulgation of final regulations;

(iii) Issuance of final specifications and procedures;

(iv) Issuance of final Request for Proposals (if applicable);

(v) Licensing or certifications of stations and inspectors;

(vi) The date mandatory testing will begin for each model year to be covered by the program;

(vii) The date full-stringency cutpoints will take effect;

(viii) All other relevant dates;

(2) An analysis of emission level targets for the program using the most current EPA mobile source emission model or an alternative approved by the Administrator showing that the program meets the performance standard described in § 51.351 or § 51.352 of this subpart, as applicable;

(3) A description of the geographic coverage of the program, including ZIP codes if the program is not county-wide;

(4) A detailed discussion of each of the required design elements, including provisions for Federal facility compliance;

(5) Legal authority requiring or allowing implementation of the I/M program and providing either broad or specific authority to perform all required elements of the program;

(6) Legal authority for I/M program operation until such time as it is no longer necessary (i.e., until a Section 175 maintenance plan without an I/M program is approved by EPA);

(7) Implementing regulations, interagency agreements, and memoranda of understanding; and

(8) Evidence of adequate funding and resources to implement all aspects of the program.

(b) Submittal schedule. The SIP shall be submitted to EPA according to the following schedule -

(1) [Reserved]

(2) A SIP revision required as a result of a change in an area's designation or classification under a NAAQS for ozone, including all necessary legal authority and the items specified in paragraphs (a)(1) through (8) of this section, shall be submitted no later than the deadline for submitting the area's attainment SIP for the NAAQS in question.

(3) [Reserved]

(c) Redesignation requests. Any nonattainment area that EPA determines would otherwise qualify for redesignation from nonattainment to attainment shall receive full approval of a State Implementation Plan (SIP) submittal under Sections 182(a)(2)(B) or 182(b)(4) if the submittal contains the following elements:

(1) Legal authority to implement a basic I/M program (or enhanced if the State chooses to opt up) as required by this subpart. The legislative authority for an I/M program shall allow the adoption of implementing regulations without requiring further legislation.

(2) A request to place the I/M plan (if no I/M program is currently in place or if an I/M program has been terminated,) or the I/M upgrade (if the existing I/M program is to continue without being upgraded) into the contingency measures portion of the maintenance plan upon redesignation.

(3) A contingency measure consisting of a commitment by the Governor or the Governor's designee to adopt or consider adopting regulations to implement an I/M program to correct a violation of the ozone or CO standard or other air quality problem, in accordance with the provisions of the maintenance plan.

(4) A contingency commitment that includes an enforceable schedule for adoption and implementation of the I/M program, and appropriate milestones. The schedule shall include the date for submission of a SIP meeting all of the requirements of this subpart. Schedule milestones shall be listed in months from the date EPA notifies the State that it is in violation of the ozone or CO standard or any earlier date specified in the State plan. Unless the State, in accordance with the provisions of the maintenance plan, chooses not to implement I/M, it must submit a SIP revision containing an I/M program no more than 18 months after notification by EPA.

(d) Basic areas continuing operation of I/M programs as part of their maintenance plan without implemented upgrades shall be assumed to be 80% as effective as an implemented, upgraded version of the same I/M program design, unless a State can demonstrate using operating information that the I/M program is more effective than the 80% level.

(e) SIP submittals to correct violations. SIP submissions required pursuant to a violation of the ambient ozone or CO standard (as discussed in paragraph (c) of this section) shall address all of the requirements of this subpart. The SIP shall demonstrate that performance standards in either § 51.351 or § 51.352 shall be met using an evaluation date (rounded to the nearest January for carbon monoxide and July for hydrocarbons) seven years after the date EPA notifies the State that it is in violation of the ozone or CO standard or any earlier date specified in the State plan. Emission standards for vehicles subject to an IM240 test may be phased in during the program but full standards must be in effect for at least one complete test cycle before the end of the 5-year period. All other requirements shall take effect within 24 months of the date EPA notifies the State that it is in violation of the ozone or CO standard or any earlier date specified in the State plan. The phase-in allowances of § 51.373(c) of this subpart shall not apply.

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