40 CFR § 52.1832 - Stack height regulations.

§ 52.1832 Stack height regulations.

The State of North Dakota has committed to revise its stack height regulations should EPA complete rulemaking to respond to the decision in NRDC v. Thomas, 838 F. 2d 1224 (D.C. Cir. 1988). In a letter to Douglas M. Skie, EPA, dated May 11, 1988, Dana K. Mount, Director, Division of Environmental Engineering stated:

* * * We are submitting this letter to allow EPA to continue to process our current SIP submittal with the understanding that if EPA's response to the NRDC remand modified the July 8, 1985, regulations, EPA will notify the State of the rules that must be changed to comply with EPA's modified requirements. The State of North Dakota agrees to make the appropriate changes to its stack height rules.

[53 FR 45764, Nov. 14, 1988]