40 CFR § 6.208 - Records of decision.

§ 6.208 Records of decision.

(a) The Responsible Official may not make any decisions on the action until the time periods in 40 CFR 1506.10 have been met.

(b) A record of decision (ROD) records EPA's decision on the action. Consistent with 40 CFR 1505.2, a ROD must include:

(1) A brief description of the proposed action and alternatives considered in the EIS, environmental factors considered, and project impacts;

(2) Any commitments to mitigation; and

(3) An explanation if the environmentally preferred alternative was not selected.

(c) In addition, the ROD must include:

(1) Responses to any substantive comments on the final EIS;

(2) The date of issuance; and

(3) The signature of the Responsible Official.

(d) The Responsible Official must ensure that an applicant that has committed to mitigation possesses the authority and ability to fulfill the commitment.

(e) The Responsible Official must make a ROD available to the public.

(f) Upon issuance of the ROD, the Responsible Official may proceed with the action subject to any mitigation measures described in the ROD. The Responsible Official must ensure adequate monitoring of mitigation measures identified in the ROD.

(g) If the mitigation identified in the ROD will be included as a condition in the permit or grant, the Responsible Official must ensure that EPA has the authority to impose the conditions. The Responsible Official should ensure that compliance with assistance agreement or permit conditions will be monitored and enforced under EPA's assistance agreement and permit authorities.

(h) The Responsible Official may revise a ROD at any time provided the revision is supported by an EIS. A revised ROD is subject to all provisions of paragraph (d) of this section.