40 CFR § 60.24 - Emission standards and compliance schedules.

§ 60.24 Emission standards and compliance schedules.

(a) Each plan shall include emission standards and compliance schedules.

(b) (1) Emission standards shall either be based on an allowance system or prescribe allowable rates of emissions except when it is clearly impracticable. Such cases will be identified in the guideline documents issued under § 60.22. Where emission standards prescribing equipment specifications are established, the plan shall, to the degree possible, set forth the emission reductions achievable by implementation of such specifications, and may permit compliance by the use of equipment determined by the State to be equivalent to that prescribed.

(2) Test methods and procedures for determining compliance with the emission standards shall be specified in the plan. Methods other than those specified in appendix A to this part may be specified in the plan if shown to be equivalent or alternative methods as defined in § 60.2 (t) and (u).

(3) Emission standards shall apply to all designated facilities within the State. A plan may contain emission standards adopted by local jurisdictions provided that the standards are enforceable by the State.

(c) Except as provided in paragraph (f) of this section, where the Administrator has determined that a designated pollutant may cause or contribute to endangerment of public health, emission standards shall be no less stringent than the corresponding emission guideline(s) specified in subpart C of this part, and final compliance shall be required as expeditiously as practicable but no later than the compliance times specified in subpart C of this part.

(d) Where the Administrator has determined that a designated pollutant may cause or contribute to endangerment of public welfare but that adverse effects on public health have not been demonstrated, States may balance the emission guidelines, compliance times, and other information provided in the applicable guideline document against other factors of public concern in establishing emission standards, compliance schedules, and variances. Appropriate consideration shall be given to the factors specified in § 60.22(b) and to information presented at the public hearing(s) conducted under § 60.23(c).


(1) Any compliance schedule extending more than 12 months from the date required for submittal of the plan must include legally enforceable increments of progress to achieve compliance for each designated facility or category of facilities. Unless otherwise specified in the applicable subpart, increments of progress must include, where practicable, each increment of progress specified in § 60.21(h) and must include such additional increments of progress as may be necessary to permit close and effective supervision of progress toward final compliance.

(2) A plan may provide that compliance schedules for individual sources or categories of sources will be formulated after plan submittal. Any such schedule shall be the subject of a public hearing held according to § 60.23 and shall be submitted to the Administrator within 60 days after the date of adoption of the schedule but in no case later than the date prescribed for submittal of the first semiannual report required by § 60.25(e).

(f) Unless otherwise specified in the applicable subpart on a case-by-case basis for particular designated facilities or classes of facilities, States may provide for the application of less stringent emissions standards or longer compliance schedules than those otherwise required by paragraph (c) of this section, provided that the State demonstrates with respect to each such facility (or class of facilities):

(1) Unreasonable cost of control resulting from plant age, location, or basic process design;

(2) Physical impossibility of installing necessary control equipment; or

(3) Other factors specific to the facility (or class of facilities) that make application of a less stringent standard or final compliance time significantly more reasonable.

(g) Nothing in this subpart shall be construed to preclude any State or political subdivision thereof from adopting or enforcing (1) emission standards more stringent than emission guidelines specified in subpart C of this part or in applicable guideline documents or (2) compliance schedules requiring final compliance at earlier times than those specified in subpart C or in applicable guideline documents.

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