40 CFR § 61.08 - Approval of construction or modification.

§ 61.08 Approval of construction or modification.

(a) The Administrator will notify the owner or operator of approval or intention to deny approval of construction or modification within 60 days after receipt of sufficient information to evaluate an application under § 61.07.

(b) If the Administrator determines that a stationary source for which an application under § 61.07 was submitted will not cause emissions in violation of a standard if properly operated, the Administrator will approve the construction or modification.

(c) Before denying any application for approval of construction or modification, the Administrator will notify the applicant of the Administrator's intention to issue the denial together with -

(1) Notice of the information and findings on which the intended denial is based; and

(2) Notice of opportunity for the applicant to present, within such time limit as the Administrator shall specify, additional information or arguments to the Administrator before final action on the application.

(d) A final determination to deny any application for approval will be in writing and will specify the grounds on which the denial is based. The final determination will be made within 60 days of presentation of additional information or arguments, or 60 days after the final date specified for presentation if no presentation is made.

(e) Neither the submission of an application for approval nor the Administrator's approval of construction or modification shall -

(1) Relieve an owner or operator of legal responsibility for compliance with any applicable provisions of this part or of any other applicable Federal, State, or local requirement; or

(2) Prevent the Administrator from implementing or enforcing this part or taking any other action under the Act.

[50 FR 46291, Nov. 7, 1985]