40 CFR § 61.353 - Alternative means of emission limitation.

§ 61.353 Alternative means of emission limitation.

(a) If, in the Administrator's judgment, an alternative means of emission limitation will achieve a reduction in benzene emissions at least equivalent to the reduction in benzene emissions from the source achieved by the applicable design, equipment, work practice, or operational requirements in §§ 61.342 through 61.349, the Administrator will publish in the Federal Register a notice permitting the use of the alternative means for purposes of compliance with that requirement. The notice may condition the permission on requirements related to the operation and maintenance of the alternative means.

(b) Any notice under paragraph (a) of this section shall be published only after public notice and an opportunity for a hearing.

(c) Any person seeking permission under this section shall collect, verify, and submit to the Administrator information showing that the alternative means achieves equivalent emission reductions.

[55 FR 8346, Mar. 7, 1990, as amended at 58 FR 3099, Jan. 7, 1993]