40 CFR § 61.43 - Emission testing - rocket firing or propellant disposal.

§ 61.43 Emission testing - rocket firing or propellant disposal.

(a) Ambient air concentrations shall be measured during and after firing of a rocket motor or propellant disposal and in such a manner that the effect of these emissions can be compared with the standard. Such sampling techniques shall be approved by the Administrator.

(b) All samples shall be analyzed and results shall be calculated within 30 days after samples are taken and before any subsequent rocket motor firing or propellant disposal at the given site. All results shall be reported to the Administrator by a registered letter dispatched before the close of the next business day following determination of such results.

(c) Records of air sampling test results and other data needed to determine integrated intermittent concentrations shall be retained at the source and made available, for inspection by the Administrator, for a minimum of 2 years.

(d) The Administrator shall be notified at least 30 days prior to an air sampling test, so that he may at his option observe the test.