40 CFR § 61.71 - Recordkeeping.

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§ 61.71 Recordkeeping.

(a) The owner or operator of any source to which this subpart applies shall retain the following information at the source and make it available for inspection to the Administrator for a minimum of 3 years:

(1) A record of the leaks detected by the vinyl chloride monitoring system, as required by § 61.65(b)(8), including the concentrations of vinyl chloride measured, analyzed, and recorded by the vinyl chloride detector, the location of each measurement and the date and approximate time of each measurement.

(2) A record of the leaks detected during routine monitoring with the portable hydrocarbon detector and the action taken to repair the leaks, as required by § 61.65(b)(8), including a brief statement explaining the location and cause of each leak detected with the portable hydrocarbon detector, the date and time of the leak, and any action taken to eliminate that leak.

(3) A record of emissions measured in accordance with § 61.68.

(4) A daily operating record for each polyvinyl chloride reactor, including pressures and temperatures.

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