40 CFR § 62.14424 - What documentation must I maintain onsite?

§ 62.14424 What documentation must I maintain onsite?

(a) You must maintain the following at the facility:

(1) Summary of the applicable standards under this subpart;

(2) Description of basic combustion theory applicable to an HMIWI;

(3) Procedures for receiving, handling, and charging waste;

(4) Procedures for startup, shutdown, and malfunction;

(5) Procedures for maintaining proper combustion air supply levels;

(6) Procedures for operating the HMIWI and associated air pollution control systems within the standards established under this subpart;

(7) Procedures for responding to malfunction or conditions that may lead to malfunction;

(8) Procedures for monitoring HMIWI emissions;

(9) Reporting and recordkeeping procedures; and

(10) Procedures for handling ash.

(b) You must keep the information listed in paragraph (a) of this section in a readily accessible location for all HMIWI operators. This information, along with records of training, must be available for inspection by the EPA or its delegated enforcement agent upon request.