40 CFR § 63.11126 - What are my reporting requirements?

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§ 63.11126 What are my reporting requirements?

(a) Each owner or operator subject to the management practices in § 63.11118 shall report to the Administrator the results of all volumetric efficiency tests required under § 63.11120(b). Reports submitted under this paragraph must be submitted within 180 days of the completion of the performance testing.

(b) Each owner or operator of an affected source under this subpart shall report, by March 15 of each year, the number, duration, and a brief description of each type of malfunction which occurred during the previous calendar year and which caused or may have caused any applicable emission limitation to be exceeded. The report must also include a description of actions taken by an owner or operator during a malfunction of an affected source to minimize emissions in accordance with § 63.11115(a), including actions taken to correct a malfunction. No report is necessary for a calendar year in which no malfunctions occurred.

[76 FR 4183, Jan. 24, 2011]

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