40 CFR § 63.1347 - Operation and maintenance plan requirements.

§ 63.1347 Operation and maintenance plan requirements.

(a) You must prepare, for each affected source subject to the provisions of this subpart, a written operations and maintenance plan. The plan must be submitted to the Administrator for review and approval as part of the application for a part 70 permit and must include the following information:

(1) Procedures for proper operation and maintenance of the affected source and air pollution control devices in order to meet the emissions limits and operating limits, including fugitive dust control measures for open clinker piles of §§ 63.1343, 63.1345, and 63.1346. Your operations and maintenance plan must address periods of startup and shutdown.

(2) Corrective actions to be taken when required by paragraph § 63.1350(f)(3);

(3) Procedures to be used during an inspection of the components of the combustion system of each kiln and each in-line kiln raw mill located at the facility at least once per year.

(b) Failure to comply with any provision of the operations and maintenance plan developed in accordance with this section is a violation of the standard.

[75 FR 55054, Sept. 9, 2010, as amended at 78 FR 10040, Feb. 12, 2013; 80 FR 44781, July 27, 2015]