40 CFR § 63.2989 - How do I change my OMM plan?

§ 63.2989 How do I change my OMM plan?

Changes to the operating limits or ranges in your OMM plan require a new performance test.

(a) To revise the ranges or levels established for your operating limits in § 63.2984, you must meet the requirements in paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section:

(1) Submit a notification of performance test to the Administrator as specified in § 63.7(b) to revise your operating ranges or limits.

(2) After completing the performance test to demonstrate that compliance with the emissions limits can be achieved at the revised levels of the operating limits, you must submit the performance test results and the revised operating limits as part of the notification of compliance status required under § 63.9(h).

(b) If you are revising the inspection and maintenance procedures in your plan that are specified in § 63.2987(b), you do not need to conduct a new performance test.

(c) If you plan to operate your process or control device under alternative operating conditions and do not wish to revise your OMM plan when you change operating conditions, you can perform a separate compliance test to establish operating limits for each condition. You can then include the operating limits for each condition in your OMM plan. After completing the performance tests, you must record the date and time when you change operations from one condition to another, the condition under which you are operating, and the operating limits that apply under that condition. If you can perform a single performance test that establishes the most stringent operating limits that cover all alternative operating conditions, then you do not need to comply with the provisions of this paragraph.

[67 FR 17835, Apr. 11, 2002, as amended at 84 FR 6693, Feb. 28, 2019]

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